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In a CDCS, the Program Resources and Priorities section addresses the costs USAID anticipates will be incurred to achieve each of the DOs presented and to ensure substantive progress towards the CDCS Goal. This includes the monitoring, evaluation and learning resources needed to support program and project design, implementation and information dissemination and discussion that facilitates learning and adaptation.

When a CDCS is being developed, Missions may not have the detailed information required to prepared a detailed monitoring, evaluation and learning budget.  Those that work on their Performance Management Plan (PMP) in parallel to the development of a CDCS will have more of a sense of costs in this area than those who prepare their PMP later.

When preparing a CDCS level budget, it is important to note that while monitoring and evaluation are program-funded operational costs, USAID may wish to consider learning as an activity funded with management resources:

"The Mission must also consider the skills and staffing structure needed to undertake the CDCS above and beyond program management, such as policy reform, negotiations and coordination related to G2G programs, technical leadership, and support for learning." (ADS

Whichever the case, Missions may find that the most useful information for projecting their evaluation costs come from ADS 201:

"OUs should devote approximately 3 percent of total program funding to external evaluation on average. This may include a mix of both required and non-required external." (ADS.

These guidelines suggest a broad framework against which Missions might reasonably estimate costs for each of these types of activities. A PDF worksheet template for estimating monitoring, evaluation and learning costs (illustrated below) that can be completed or shared within the Mission is provided on the CDCS Performance Management Budget Template page for your use.

Illustration of MEL Cost Estimating Worksheet Elements

Performance Managements
Budget Elements Estimated Total
DO 1: Insert Wording for Result
Performance Monitoring  
Learning Approach  
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