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Servir: USAID’s Regional Visualization Monitoring System in Central America

To build capacity for dealing with climate change in Central America, USAID has partnered with NASA


Performance monitoring is a core element of USAID’s performance management system, which supports the Agency’s accountability, as well as its learning goals. Monitoring is an important element of the Program Cycle at every stage and many of the E3 website’s pages under the Program Cycle menu have this management tool as a focus. Under its M&E pathways, you can access these monitoring pages directly, without working through other website pages that focus on planning, evaluation and learning.

Monitoring Pathway 1: 
Establishing Performance Indicators
Monitoring Pathway 2: 
Performance Baselines and Targets
Monitoring Pathway 3: 
Monitoring Assumptions
Monitoring Pathway 4: 
Collecting, Reporting and Sharing Performance Data
Monitoring Pathway 5: 
Data Quality Assessments

There are five pathways along which you will find information and tools to assist you with performance monitoring. The webpages you will find along these pathways are the same pages you would see if you used the Program Cycle menu—they are simply culled and reorganized here to address your special interests.

Choose whichever pathway you would like to follow first, and then return at your leisure to follow other pathways available to you. Each monitoring pathway through the website includes explanatory materials and templates as well as exciting features designed to provide you new information and ideas—such as those embedded in the revolutionary new USAID satellite-based monitoring system for Central America featured on this page. Ideally, following these pathways will encourage you to fully develop the potential of your Mission or project performance monitoring system.

Click on a pathway above to get started on the path of your choice.

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A toolkit developed and implemented by:
Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform
Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and Environment
US Agency for International Development (USAID)

For more information, please contact Paul Fekete.

Last updated: July 12, 2021

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