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Introduction to the USAID Learning Guide

In this video, Stacey Young, the Learning Advisor to USAID provides an oral tour of USAID’s Program Cycle Learning Guide.



USAID Program Cycle Learning Guide (Draft)

Learning is integrally linked with monitoring and evaluation in the USAID Program Cycle. Learning pathways that can be accessed through this page illustrate these linkages, as they draw on M&E products to support learning agendas.

One pathway on this page will help CDCS and project design teams organize information from previous evaluations to inform their strategy and development hypothesis formulation. Another learning pathway focuses on incorporating active learning into program and project management approaches. The third learning pathway introduces you to M&E processes that can be used to foster learning, while the final pathway provides you with tools to foster action based on learning from M&E results.

Learning Pathway 1: 
Integrating Evaluation Lessons into Design
Learning Pathway 2: 
Planning for Active Learning in Programs and Projects
Learning Pathway 3: 
Applying Knowledge Gains from M&E

To choose whichever learning pathway you would like to follow, click the pathway to the left to get started.

Website pages you access through these learning pathways include subsets of website pages that can also be accessed under the Program Cycle menu, where they are organized by program cycle task. Some information included on these learning pathways is also included on monitoring and evaluation pathways under this menu. If you open a pathway that includes topics with which you are already familiar, skip over them and go on to pages that you haven’t seen before. Some redundancy in pathways through the website is natural, as each path has been organized independently with the users of those particular pathways in mind. It is expected that users will select what is of interest to them, and not all users will make the same choices. All pathways are available to you. Choose what you wish, when you wish.

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A toolkit developed and implemented by:
Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform
Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and Environment
US Agency for International Development (USAID)

For more information, please contact Paul Fekete.

Last updated: July 12, 2021

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