Program Cycle access to toolkit guidance, templates, checklists and other resources is organized into six segments, each of which is associated with specific processes and products.

The first two segments of the Program Cycle path focus at the program level, on MEL in a CDCS and its associated PMP. The third and fourth segments focus at the project level, on Project Designs and MEL Plans. The fifth and sixth segments focus on implementing M&E commitments and actively learning from and utilizing the raw data, findings and conclusions that monitoring and evaluation provide. Enter the Program Cycle path for the E3 M&E and Learning Toolkit through any segment in this sequence you wish or go directly to a sub-topic such as the Logical Framework, or directly to a template within a sub-topic using the Program Cycle drop down menu, or the Site Map drop down menu which serves as a table of contents for this website.

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A toolkit developed and implemented by:
Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform
Bureau of Economic Growth, Education, and Environment
US Agency for International Development (USAID)

For more information, please contact Paul Fekete.