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Capacity Building for Domestic Financial Institutions

Category: Capacity Building
Sub-Category: Technical Assistance
User: Financiers
Donor: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Donor Countries: Multi-donor

Domestic financial institutions are usually at the forefront of commercial and developmental lending in their respective countries and some of the challenges faced by them include: (a) limited familiarity and experience with the sector and RE technologies, (b) lack of clarity about the project economics, (c) lack of proper financial and technical tools to appraise and manage loans and (d) limited knowledge on the risks associated with renewable energy projects.

IRENA can provide capacity building for domestic FI’s in member states, with the aim of giving the staff of domestic FI’s the knowledge, skills, tools and support to finance RE projects; and thereby support the creation of a commercially sustainable domestic lending market for RE investments.

Locations: Cape Verde, Comoros, Mauritius, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles
On- or Off-Grid: Both

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