IFC PPP Advisory

Category: Transaction Assistance
Sub-Categories: Project Preparation, Structuring Transactions
User: Public Sector
Donor: International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Donor Countries: Multi-donor

IFC can serve as the lead transaction advisor to a government for a PPP. IFC provides advice on technical, legal, and regulatory requirements; structuring transactions; building capacity; addressing social and sustainability issues; and devising the strategies necessary to deliver successful PPPs.

Location: Sub Saharan Africa
On- or Off-Grid: Both

Developing countries that are a member of IFC, and regional programs.


Project must have good prospects of being profitable, benefit the local economy, and meet IFC's Performance Standards. Requires detailed appraisal, and review and approval by the Board.

Contact information:

Emmanuel Nyirinkindi
Global Head, PPP Advisory
E-mail: enyirinkindi@ifc.org

Last updated: February 18, 2018

Last updated: February 18, 2020