Mobisol Reaches New Milestone in Building a Brighter Africa

For millions across sub-Saharan Africa, the limited or lack of access to electricity can make life challenging.

Mobisol is one of more than 40 companies working with Power Africa to bring clean, renewable energy to people who live and work Beyond the Grid. Their smart solar power solutions are big enough to run refrigerators and other household appliances, while also illuminating LED light bulbs and charging laptops and cell phones. Mobisol’s plug-and-play technology makes the systems easy to install, and their pay-as-you-go payment model means that people of all incomes can afford electricity.

Earlier this month, Mobisol reached an inspiring milestone: 30,000 solar power units installed in rural homes and businesses in Tanzania and Rwanda -- in just over two years.

These 30,000 installations have empowered a better quality of life and enhanced economic opportunities for hundreds of thousands of East Africans. Now, children can study after dark without the hazards of dirty kerosene lamps. Clinics can refrigerate vaccines. Small businesses can improve operations. Families can safely light homes and prepare food. And Mobisol is focusing beyond the “base of the pyramid” to middle-class families and entrepreneurs through products like barber’s hair clippers, small appliances and related promotional materials. A fun, animated video explains how the Mobisol system works and who it can help.

Mobisol’s milestone means that more than three megawatts (MW) of clean and reliable  electricity have been added to communities across Tanzania and Rwanda. It’s an achievement that places Mobisol among the largest rent-to-own solar energy providers in Africa.

But Mobisol isn’t done. Their next goal is to reach 100,000 installations by the end of 2016, and 10 million by 2020!  

“We believe that ‘Big is Beautiful,’” says Thomas Gottschalk, Founder and CEO of Mobisol Group. “To us, electrification is more than three lights – our solar solutions are powerful enough to run small businesses and electrify entire households. Mobisol’s high quality products are robust, affordable and backed by smart IT solutions and a reliable maintenance infrastructure. Mobisol is now a key driver of rural electrification in Africa and is indeed ready to bring the solar revolution to rural communities worldwide.”

Mobisol also intends to expand its educational activities with the Mobisol Akademie and to train several thousand sales agents and installation technicians as well as Mobisol staff, with a particular focus on gender. Already, Mobisol has trained more than 750 people, and created over 500 jobs. That’s on top of the thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs that are now thriving, thanks to Mobisol’s solar power systems.

To succeed, Mobisol’s ambitious vision will need enthusiastic collaboration from public and private sector stakeholders. With their track record of improving lives in Tanzania and Rwanda -- as marked by this milestone -- they should have no shortage of willing partners. Power Africa will be there, creating the investment environment to help Mobisol meet their millions.

Last updated: June 07, 2016

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