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USAID/OTI aims to ensure that eastern Ukraine has greater confidence in Ukraine’s democratic reform and European integration.


Five years ago, Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity shifted the government toward a European model of democracy. While the government has implemented some reforms, Ukrainians across the country are losing confidence in the reform process and internal divisions are rising.

Since 2014, USAID/OTI has worked to reduce skepticism toward the reform process among citizens in the Donbas, but these sentiments persist in Kharkiv, Odesa, and other regions. Additionally, a growing and at times violent movement of intolerance toward minorities is emerging in Ukraine’s western regions. These dynamics are actively exploited by Russian malign influence, and have the potential to thwart the reform process and lead to greater instability as the country prepares for presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019. As USAID/Ukraine launches new programs in the Donbas, USAID/OTI will pivot beyond the Luhansk and Donetsk regions and will focus on media programming that promotes Ukraine’s diversity and highlights the country’s reform progress. USAID/OTI will use a variety of media platforms to inform the public about misunderstood government reforms and demonstrate that ordinary citizens and government officials have seized opportunities to improve their community.


USAID/OTI partners with Ukrainians to expand acceptance of a pluralistic, civic identity based on common values, while prioritizing programming that promotes unity, inclusion, and democratic reform in Ukraine. The program’s objectives are:

  • To increase support for pluralistic national unity, and;
  • To increase public confidence in positive, democratic change.


  • USAID/OTI helped develop an online series, Sho Realno, which explored Ukraine’s regional diversity, dispelled negative stereotypes, and highlighted the patchwork of communities and landscapes that make up Ukrainian culture. The series encouraged tolerance and promoted awareness of the ways Ukraine is becoming a more prosperous, better governed country.
  • In Kharkiv, USAID/OTI partnered with civil society groups to develop inclusive processes for participating in local initiatives. One such effort included supporting the design and execution of Plan B, a multi-day music and culture festival that brought thousands of Ukrainians to the city and showcased the East’s vibrant arts scene and growing economy.
  • In the southern Donetsk city of Mariupol, USAID/OTI helped local administrators implement national healthcare reforms and streamline access to medical services. The activity included a multimedia public awareness campaign that introduced the reform process, outlined how it will benefit the city’s residents, and encouraged people to register. So far, more than 43% of the city’s population have registered.
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Last updated: June 18, 2019

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