Emergency repsonders clear rubble
Emergency responders clear rubble with Syria Regional Program-provided heavy machinery following a regime attack in Maaret Nouman, Idleb, in November 2014.

Supporting Syrians who are struggling for a future Syria based on democratic governance and respect for human rights.


Five crucial kilometers of main roads in Saqba are repaired with support from the Syria Regional Program, connecting citizens to
Five crucial kilometers of main roads in Saqba are repaired with support from the Syria Regional Program, connecting citizens to markets and children to schools.


USAID/OTI entered Syria in 2013 as innocent civilians — who were peacefully demanding democratic freedoms — faced violence from the Assad regime and armed extremists attempted to co-opt their message. USAID/OTI programming in Syria bolsters American security through support to moderate actors and institutions that are standing up to extremists in opposition-held Syria and areas newly liberated from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Through this work, USAID/OTI is not only contributing to the defeat of ISIS but also rectifying the root cause of extremism by rebuilding stable, moderate, inclusive communities.


The USAID/OTI Syria Regional Program (SRP) works closely with trusted and extensively vetted local organizations to implement quick-impact activities that:

  • Enable moderate civilian entities to establish a presence in areas newly liberated from ISIS, thereby reducing the likelihood of ISIS’s return;
  • Amplify moderate voices representing the Syrian people, to provide an alternative to extremist messaging; and
  • Strengthen moderate Syrian institutions to resist extremist influence.

Additionally, USAID/OTI produces original research products on trends and developments inside Syria that informs U.S. Government strategy.


SRP works in strategically important areas of Syria to deliver critical assistance to unarmed moderate civilian entities. USAID/OTI closely monitors all activities from inception to conclusion, ensuring assistance reaches its intended use. Illustrative examples of SRP programming include:

  • Rapid restoration of services in communities liberated from ISIS.  By supporting moderate partners to restore electricity and water, and reopen schools and hospitals, assistance returns civilians’ sense of normalcy and builds moderate actors’ legitimacy. Through this community-based approach, USAID/OTI helps communities reconcile and recover, reducing ISIS’s appeal, and the likelihood of its return.
  • Support for moderate actors countering extremism. Assistance helps moderate actors remain relevant, spread their message and maintain moderate space. This resists extremists’ efforts to expand their influence in communities by reaping the reputational benefits of service delivery.
  • Saving lives through support to emergency responders. Nearly $29 million in assistance to civil defense teams supports impartial emergency responders. To date, Syrian emergency responders have saved over 73,000 lives and emerged as one of the strongest pillars of Syrian civil society.


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Last updated: February 14, 2017

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