Emergency repsonders clear rubble
Emergency responders clear rubble with Syria Regional Program-provided heavy machinery following a regime attack in Maaret Nouman, Idleb, in November 2014.

Promoting norms of tolerance and increasing public confidence in moderate civil actors by strengthening their ability to respond to community needs. 


Five crucial kilometers of main roads in Saqba are repaired with support from the Syria Regional Program, connecting citizens to
Five crucial kilometers of main roads in Saqba are repaired with support from the Syria Regional Program, connecting citizens to markets and children to schools.

Why USAID/OTI is in Syria

As the Syrian civil war rages into its fifth year of active fighting, citizens’ lives are threatened daily, with communities destroyed and their future left in peril. Beyond one of the most pressing complex humanitarian crisis of our time, the conflict has created a political landscape in which moderate opposition groups are fighting a two-front war against the Assad regime and extremist groups. These moderate actors will play a vital role in stabilization efforts when a transition of power occurs in Syria and represent a critical bulwark against extremism.

USAID/OTI’S Role in Syria 

The USAID/OTI Syria Regional Program (SRP) supports Syrians who are struggling for a future Syria based on democratic governance and respect for human rights. By partnering with emergent governing bodies and moderate civil actors, USAID/OTI is:

  • Increasing public confidence in and the ability of moderate opposition organizations to serve the Syrian people; and
  • Promoting norms of tolerance, coexistence and dialogue.

Program Highlights

SRP provides assistance to moderate civilian entities at the national, provincial and local levels. All activities include robust outreach components to amplify the efforts of moderate actors and strengthen public support for moderate values. Illustrative examples of SRP programming impacts include the following:

  • Increasing popular support for moderate actors and values in Syria. Assistance to provincial and local councils to provide basic municipal services including keeping schools and hospitals open, electricity and water flowing, and trash and rubble off the streets. SRP also assists the councils with records management, repairing small infrastructure and rehabilitating public spaces such as cemeteries and schools.
  • Saving lives through support to emergency responders. More than $23 million in assistance to civil defense teams which act as impartial emergency responders to everything from indiscriminate regime barrel bombings to winter storm relief and firefighting. To date, Syrian emergency responders have saved over 40,000 lives.
  • Preserving moderate space and deterring extremist influence. SRP helps moderate actors remain relevant through community events such as clean-up initiatives, graffiti campaigns, local council outreach events and youth activities.


Related Sectors of Work 

Last updated: May 27, 2016

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