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A moderate, inclusive and stable Syria



Civil war, economic collapse, and weak governance have allowed extremists, particularly the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), to thrive in many parts of Syria. USAID/OTI programming helps groups that want a peaceful and inclusive future stand up to and resist extremists by laying the groundwork for a country based on mutual respect for all its citizens. An inclusive and peaceful Syria is necessary for any long-term and durable solution to extremism and the threat of terrorism that faces the United States.


USAID/OTI’s Syria Regional Program (SRP) works closely with trusted and vetted local organizations to implement quick-impact activities that promote an inclusive and stable Syria. By strengthening individuals and groups who are saving lives, meeting basic needs, promoting moderate values, and engaging with vulnerable populations, USAID/OTI’s partners serve as a bulwark against extremism. To achieve this goal, USAID/OTI works along three lines of effort:

  • Enabling the early recovery of areas liberated from ISIS;
  • Strengthening communities’ ability to resist extremist groups; and
  • Maintaining and increase the influence of strategic moderate actors.

To inform programming toward these objectives, USAID/OTI produces original research on trends and developments inside Syria


  • USAID/OTI supports the rapid restoration of services in communities liberated from ISIS. By restoring electricity and water, repairing roads and removing rubble, and engaging vulnerable populations, SRP assistance fosters the legitimacy of moderate actors and civilians’ sense of normalcy. This approach helps communities recover from ISIS control, which reduces the extremist group’s appeal and the likelihood of its return.
  • USAID/OTI works with civil society organizations (CSOs), increasing the influence of moderate actors in strategic areas where extremist groups are vying for control. By promoting the work of CSOs on reconciliation and inclusiveness, USAID/OTI increases community resilience to extremist ideology.
  • USAID/OTI provides support to emergency responders. Nearly $40 million in assistance to the Syrian Civil Defense (SCD) supports these impartial emergency responders. These teams of SCD volunteers have saved over 114,000 lives and emerged as one of the strongest pillars of Syrian civil society, with the ability to amplify the voices within Syria that are struggling against extremism and authoritarianism.
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Last updated: March 27, 2019

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