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Supporting stability and security, countering violent extremism, and building a foundation for political and social development in conflict-prone communities in Pakistan.


USAID/OTI launched its Pakistan Transition Initiative in 2007 to address the volatility and violent extremism that threatens Pakistan’s move toward social, political and economic stability. USAID/OTI serves to catalyze Pakistan’s transition toward stability through activities that support U.S. Government foreign policy priorities and counter violent extremism (CVE) in the most difficult and vulnerable areas of the country.


USAID/OTI implements activities through a small grants mechanism that allows the program to test new approaches and quickly respond to evolving dynamics. 

In the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), a lack of confidence and trust in government institutions has increased vulnerability to violent extremist influence. In response, USAID/OTI implements small-scale service deliveryprojects through a participatory process that strengthen the relationship between local authorities and the communities they serve. 

Southern Punjab is central to the violent extremism challenge in Pakistan, having historicallyprovided tacit support and safe haven to VE groups. In response, USAID/OTI develops and empowers a diverse network of individuals, organizations and government leaders to advocate for and implement initiatives to counter violent extremism in Punjab.

In Karachi, social fragmentation based on deep-rooted sectarian, political and socio-economic tensions contributes to a complex problem set that VE groups attempt to exploit. In response, USAID/OTI increases acceptance of individuals from diverse backgrounds, collaboration between CVE stakeholders, and adoption of practices that reduce financial support to VE groups.


  • A survey of community members throughout the FATA/KP regions found that 94 percent of beneficiaries had a positive change in perception of the Government of Pakistan as a result of USAID/OTI programming.
  • In Punjab, USAID/OTI works to reduce material support to VE groups by raising awareness and increasing participation in Government of Pakistan-initiated efforts.

  • A USAID/OTI-funded city-wide initiative has engaged over 100,000 citizens in Karachi to reclaim the diverse social and cultural fabric of the city, directly countering VE groups who have closed physical and intellectual spaces in the city.


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Last updated: November 03, 2016

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