Creating space for more pluralistic civic engagement by working with CSOs, media groups and government institutions to increase access to balanced information, promote constructive political discourse and support democratic reforms.


Despite reasons for optimism, Macedonia continues to struggle with the legacy of the past 10 years. A recent corruption scandal, political divisions and weak economy present concerns for the country and the wider region.  In May 2017, a new governing coalition formed, representing a shift in leadership for the country.

The new government has set an ambitious agenda of kick starting the reform process and is reorienting the country toward Euro-Atlantic integration, as recommended by the European Commission and the Priebe Report. Through its continued engagement, the U.S. Government promotes democratic processes in Macedonia that are key to the country’s stability and Euro-Atlantic integration.


In September 2015, USAID/OTI launched its Macedonia program to support the urgent reform process. USAID/OTI works closely with Macedonian civil society organizations, media groups and government institutions to implement key components of the reform agenda by:

  • Professionalizing the Macedonia media environment;
  • Promoting citizen participation in public discourse; and
  • Supporting democratic reforms in accordance with EU standards.


  • Professionalizing the Macedonia media environment.  USAID/OTI supported the creation of political debate show “Only the Truth” as part of a wider media portfolio. The show presents civil dialogue and diverse viewpoints on critical issues affecting Macedonians. ”Only the Truth” has succeeded in presenting issues in a non-partisan way, changing perceptions of the media environment in Macedonia.
  • Promoting citizen participation in public discourse. Activities such as “Transforming Public Spaces” use the arts to create social change by promoting discussions that encourage citizens to engage in positive actions in their communities.  
  • Supporting key institutions to implement critical reforms, consistent with EU standards. The Government of Macedonia, governed by a new coalition, is undertaking a bold and long-overdue set of legislative, policy and systemic reforms. USAID/OTI is providing assistance to reorganize, equip and enable key sectors of the Macedonian government, better positioning it to advance the democratic reform process.
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Last updated: August 02, 2018

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