Gender Awareness Campaign - Female students lead a discussion in Tripoli
Gender Awareness Campaign - Female students lead a discussion in Tripoli

Strengthening the foundations for a sustainable peace and engaging citizens in transition processes, through youth empowerment and peacebuilding activities, with communities and grass roots civil societies.

Why USAID/OTI is in Libya

In 2011, the regime of Muammar Qadhafi responded to protests in eastern Libya with brutal violence, which led to a popular revolution that brought his 42-year reign to an end. Eight months after Qadhafi’s fall, Libya held its first national elections in a half century for a General National Congress (GNC) that oversaw the selection of a government and the development of a new constitution.

However, political divisions in 2014 derailed the transition roadmap and resulted in intense armed conflict between supporters of parallel state institutions. Libya’s transition has been undermined by rival alliances that have resorted to violence instead of democratic institutions to pursue their interests. Addressing Libya’s internal conflicts will strengthen the foundations on which to re-establish the political transition and ultimately contribute to a sustainable peace.

USAID/OTI’S Role in Libya

USAID/OTI Libya supports efforts for a credible and stable political transition. USAID/OTI currently focuses on reducing polarization between communities and fostering social trust as a means to address the root causes of the many conflicts that have undermined the transition.  Addressing internal conflicts is essential to re-establish the political transition and ultimately contribute to sustainable peace. 

To achieve this, USAID/OTI partners with civil society organizations, local media outlets and relevant governing authorities to:

  • Promote social interaction within and between communities;
  • Support reconciliation efforts between communities in conflict;
  • Strengthen Libya's nascent and besieged civil society; and 
  • Build trust between citizens and legitimate, representative institutions. 

Program Highlights

USAID/OTI’s quick impact activities throughout Libya include:

  • Training Libyan activists in social activism and digital security techniques to operate more safely and effectively;
  • Establishing information centers across Libya as platforms for community interaction and for civil society organizations to coordinate activities;
  • Using sports events to provide social space for youth from different regions and ethnic backgrounds to interact and build social trust; and
  • Supporting innovating public campaigns to promote dialogue and unity. 


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Last updated: July 08, 2015

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