OTI Lebanon
Lebanese youth work together to strengthen civic activism.

Strengthening social cohesion by mitigating tension in areas most affected by the Syrian crisis.

Why USAID/OTI is in Lebanon

Lebanon hosts over 1.2 million Syrian refugees. While the international community has focused on responding to the humanitarian challenges of this massive influx, there are far reaching implications of the crisis that threaten Lebanon’s stability. 

USAID/OTI’S Role in Lebanon 

The goal of the USAID/OTI program is to capitalize on windows of opportunity to strengthen resilience in Lebanese communities by mitigating the impact of the Syrian crisis in Lebanon.

Program Highlights

USAID/OTI provides tangible, highly visible activities to build program and partner credibility, gain community trust and quickly demonstrate immediate impact. Illustrative activities include:

  • Youth empowerment in marginalized, conflict-prone communities to reduce vulnerability; and
  • Joint activities, dialogue forums and public events bringing together diverse community groups to counter sectarian tensions and host community–refugee tensions.

Related Sectors of Work 

Last updated: August 03, 2015

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