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Lebanese youth work together to strengthen civic activism.

Strengthening resilience in Lebanese communities to more effectively cope with destabilizing factors of the Syrian crisis. 


Lebanon hosts over 1.2 million Syrian refugees. While the international community has focused on responding to the humanitarian challenges of this massive influx, the crisis has far-reaching implications that threaten Lebanon’s stability. The influx of Syrian refugees has exacerbated long-standing internal sectarian tensions and created new divisions – a result of social and economic strains, a resurgence of historical resentment against the Syrian presence in Lebanon, fears of prolonged demographic imbalances, and the incursion of violent extremist groups into Lebanon.


USAID/OTI’s Lebanon Community Resilience Initiative program aims to capitalize on windows of opportunity to strengthen resilience in Lebanese communities so they can more effectively cope with destabilizing factors of the Syrian crisis.

The program seeks to strengthen the most vulnerable Lebanese host communities by promoting peaceful alternatives to violence and reducing marginalization and isolation of community groups. USAID/OTI strengthens youth empowerment and civic participation, increases moderate space and supports moderate actors. Together, these outcomes promote increased resiliency and community stability. 


USAID/OTI has developed a strong network of more than 400 local organizations with detailed knowledge of vulnerable communities. USAID/OTI provides tangible, highly visible activities to build program and partner credibility, gain community trust and quickly demonstrate immediate impact. Illustrative activities include:

  • USAID/OTI is strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities to withstand destabilizing shocks by building the capacity and networks of community organizations to more effectively band together and respond during crisis.
  • USAID/OTI is building trust between rival communities by using small, quick-impact projects that deliver tangible improvements to volatile neighborhoods. These projects serve as platforms to engage community members in dialogue and cooperation.
  • USAID/OTI activities assist communities to reclaim public space, maintain stability and bolster their Lebanese identity over religious or sectarian identity. By strengthening moderate actors and spaces in this way, USAID/OTI helps communities check the encroachment and influence of extremist groups whose presence undermines security and causes social and economic harm.


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Last updated: November 03, 2016

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