USAID and Partners Launch Konsulta PhilHealth Accreditation in Central Visayas

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USAID and Partners Launch Konsulta PhilHealth Accreditation in Central Visayas

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) joined partners from the Department of Health, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and the local government of Malabuyoc municipality in Cebu province to launch Konsulta, an initiative linking individual primary care clinics and auxiliary service facilities to provide the full range of health services. Malabuyoc is the first town in the Central Visayas region to receive a Konsulta PhilHealth accreditation.

During the launch, USAID committed to support Malabuyoc in creating a network of primary care providers that can maximize PhilHealth’s benefit packages. With USAID support, Malabuyoc will strengthen health services for tuberculosis (TB) and other diseases, and assist health providers in applying for PhilHealth funding for every resident counseled and treated.

“Strong primary health care systems pave the way for countries to build healthy families, stable communities, and productive economies,” said USAID Philippines Acting Office of Health Director Katherine Tilout.

Under the Universal Healthcare Act, local health facilities like the Malabuyoc Rural Health Unit can claim PhilHealth benefits for health services. As a Konsulta-providing health facility, Malabuyoc Rural Health Unit can submit up to Php 1300 in PhilHealth medical claims for every PhilHealth member served.

“We look forward to the successful implementation of Konsulta and will take the lessons that we learn in Malabuyoc as we aim for wider coverage nationwide,” said PhilHealth Acting Senior Vice President Dr. Clementine Bautista.

USAID is also piloting a set of digital tools that can help find and treat people with TB in Malabuyoc. The tools include an ultra-portable chest x-ray machine and a mucus testing machine. Since June 2022, 815 residents of Malabuyoc have received free chest x-ray scans. Approximately 40 of these individuals have been found to be TB presumptive, and 32 of them have started treatment.

USAID is committed to supporting a functional primary care provider network and making Malabuyoc a strong model for universal health care in action. By setting up primary care provider networks in local governments like Malabuyoc, USAID helps make universal health care sustainable across the Philippines.

Last updated: November 20, 2022

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