RFA-ESCO-led Innovative Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Local Government Units

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The USAID Energy Secure Philippines (ESP) Activity through its Energy Evolution Challenge grant facility seeks applications to fund, in the form of grants, qualified organizations/companies to support an energy service company (ESCO) who has a partner local government unit (LGU) to design and implement an energy efficiency and conservation (EEC) project that can become a practical guide for scaling up and replicating EEC initiatives in LGUs. LGUs are prime movers in the promotion and implementation of the Philippine EEC Act (RA 11285) and in integrating EEC efforts in the Local Development Plans and Local Energy Plans. These contribute to improving municipal services and increased local energy resilience and sustainability.

The grant will be implemented in two phases. First phase involves the preparation or enhancement of the LGU’s Local Energy Plan under which the Local EEC plan is expected to be articulated. This phase will help identify appropriate energy efficiency interventions as well as innovative financing mechanisms and procurement methods. Under the LEC, the EEC initiative is also anticipated to become or form part of a local ordinance that will serve as a long-term blueprint to guide future EEC efforts of the LGU. The EEC plans will then be implemented in the second phase of the project.

In the second phase, the ESCO grantee in partnership with the LGU, will execute an EEC transition program. Efforts may include retrofitting or replacing inefficient equipment with more efficient ones, developing systems, building capacity, and other interventions that are geared towards reducing energy consumption in business operations and communities. To be able to undertake these activities, the grantee must collaborate with the electric distribution utility operating within the LGU and build private-public partnerships.

Please send your applications to grants@energysecure.ph. USAID ESP encourages women-owned companies and enterprises to apply. Grants are open to all geographic regions of the Philippines. Deadline for submission of applications will be on Sept. 3, 2021.

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Thursday, August 12, 2021 - 11:30pm

Last updated: May 06, 2022