Facilitating Public Investment (FPI) Project

The Facilitating Public Investment (FPI) Project is a Php608.2 million ($14.8 million) five-year project which addresses the PFG intervention theme of regulatory quality. The project will work with the Philippine Government addressing the tax revenue inefficiencies, tax/duty evasion issues and public spending limitations to inform the Philippines’ fiscal management of public goods and services necessary to spur private investment.

FPI is a USAID/Philippines project under the Partnership for Growth (PFG), a White House initiative. The PFG represents a partnership between the Philippines and the United States to promote broad-based and inclusive growth. The U.S. Government is working with the Government of the Philippines, the private sector and civil society organizations to help put the Philippines on an accelerated growth trajectory that benefits the majority of its population.

The project will help to increase the country's fiscal resources through (a) comprehensive review and analysis of the effectiveness of the existing tax regime; (b) support for innovative and modern fiscal policy reforms; (c) integration of tax-related database systems among concerned government offices; (d) institutional capacity building for revenue agents; and (e) improve the implementation of the privatization program to reduce expenditures, contingent liabilities and debt.

In addition, USAID assistance will improve the quality of public expenditure management, by strengthening evaluation tools for budget oversight functions and improving reporting and analysis of budgetary lump sum accounts.

By supporting tax collection and administration reforms needed to boost the tax effort, and public expenditure reforms to provide greater budget management transparency, FPI is working with the Philippine Government improve the facilitation of public investments in the requisite physical and social infrastructure that will complement private sector investments – ultimately resulting in a sound government financial position. USAID assistance will help promote gains in fiscal space and public investment that, in turn, spur increasing private domestic and foreign investment in the Philippines.

To support the expansion of public and private investment in the Philippines through higher tax revenue and public expenditure reforms.


  • Expand the tax base
  • Minimize revenue loss
  • Improve expenditure management


Last updated: September 10, 2015

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