Communication for Health Advancement through Networking and Governance Enhancement (CHANGE)

Communication for Health Advancement through Networking and Governance Enhancement (CHANGE)
The United States Agency for International Development’s Communication for Health Advancement through Networking and Governance Enhancement (CHANGE) is a five-year project that addresses the need for strategic and sustainable communication interventions that will generate increased demand for FP/MNCHN and TB services in the Philippines, and ultimately, contribute to the reduction of maternal and child deaths, TB prevalence, and increase in contraceptive prevalence rate.

The project, will act as the centralized communications agency for the Philippines Department of Health and the various USAID/Philippines projects involved in the delivery of FP/MNCHN and TB services. CHANGE will develop and deliver national communication campaigns, messages, standards, modules, tools and templates on FP, MNCHN and TB.

Technical Assistance to Department of Health (DOH) and Other Agencies- CHANGE is not about simply developing a new set of IEC materials to be cascaded from central to regional levels. It is about changing the mindset and behavior of the health communicators themselves—helping them to understand and acquire the unique set of skills required to “sell” healthy behaviors and create a demand for health services, specifically those associated with FP/MNCHN and TB, in a targeted and creative manner.

Technical Assistance to Local Government Units- The national communication strategy needs to be replicable and relevant in a local context for it to be truly sustainable. CHANGE will collaborate with USAID/Philippines projects and LGUs to ensure proper localization of key messages, as well as provide various tools to ensure municipal and city health officers, nurses, midwives, health volunteers, and other on-the-ground public and private health actors can effectively inform, “convert”, and deliver on the “brand promise” of Family Health Improved.

Technical Assistance to USAID/Philippines Health Projects- CHANGE will also provide strategic and creative insight for the communication needs of the various FP, MNCHN, and TB projects of USAID/Philippines to ensure synergy with the proposed national communication strategy.


  • A nationwide communication strategy and mass media campaign for family planning/reproductive health, maternal and child health, and tuberculosis
  • A “Communications School for Health Communicators” to enrich capacities of chosen participants within the DOH and its various agencies by equipping them with the best mix of tools from social marketing and marketing communications
  • Communication tools, including social media- and electronic and mobile phone-based technologies to facilitate behavior change

To increase demand for family planning (FP), maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition (MNCHN), and TB services


  • To make healthy behaviors desirable
  • To turn the first-moment-of-truth— that first encounter between the health worker and the “consumer”—into a more positive experience that will help ensure repeat purchase/ repeat visit
  • To develop a corps of dynamic health communicators capable of creating and delivering strategic and creative health messages at the national and local level


Last updated: September 14, 2015

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