Innovative Development Through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Project

Innovative Development Through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Project

USAID/Philippines’ Innovative Development through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Project is a three-year public-private partnership with the Philippine Development S&T Foundation, Inc. IDEA will bring a culture of entrepreneurship into the growing engineering and science programs in the Philippine higher education system. It brings a market-oriented lens to the university curriculum for research-oriented science and engineering higher education programs, which will strengthen human capacity and effectiveness of market-relevant workforce skills in the country. The project is focusing on the second-tier cities of Batangas, Cagayan and Iloilo to strengthen local universities and provide opportunities to establish business, commercialize products, and attract venture capitalists.

The IDEA project contributes to the goals of the Partnership for Growth (PFG), a White House initiative. The PFG represents a partnership between the Philippines and the United States to promote broad-based and inclusive growth. The U.S. Government is working with the Government of the Philippines, the private sector and civil society organizations to help put the Philippines on an accelerated growth trajectory that benefits the majority of its population.

IDEA will leverage resources to scale up the existing Philippine Development Foundation Entrepreneurship Program which will train Filipino engineers and scientists in business planning, market identification, product marketing, business incubation, and working with venture capital. The project will also hold annual international symposia for Philippine universities featuring U.S. professors and entrepreneurs; conduct hands-on entrepreneurship workshops for Filipino engineering scholars; and organize a formal Visiting Professor Program for the science and engineering departments of the university system focused on entrepreneurial and business skills.

To bring entrepreneurial culture and skills into the science and engineering education system in the Philippines


  • Engage a greater network of private and public partners to ensure the long-term sustainability and scalability of the program
  • Engage U.S. entrepreneurs, investors and other leaders to partner towards innovative solutions on critical development problems


Last updated: September 21, 2015

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