Enhancing Governance, Accountability and Engagement (ENGAGE) Project

Enhancing Governance Accountability and Engagement (ENGAGE) is a five-year USAID/Philippines project supporting improved governance to build prosperity and stability in the Southern Philippines’ Mindanao region. To achieve this goal, USAID will improve the capacities and practices of Local Government Units (LGUs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by promoting good local governance and community involvement, while also providing multi-sectoral developmental support. The project is targeting six conflict-affected areas in Mindanao to strengthen governance and increase civic engagement to encourage peace and facilitate development.

The project addresses the USAID/Philippines Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) goal of a more stable, prosperous, well-governed nation by improving peace and stability in Mindanao through working with both governments and civil society. USAID ENGAGE will strengthen local governance by improving capacities and practices of LGUs and strengthening mechanisms to promote peace and security. This cooperation will accomplish shared USAID and LGU goals, such as better service delivery, public engagement, revenue generation and resource management. The project will expand government capabilities to add and improve offered services while simultaneously ensuring accountability and transparency, thus establishing legitimacy.


USAID ENGAGE will increase civic engagement for peace and development by building the capacity of CSOs to serve constituents and engage with LGUs, to represent public interest and share responsibility for development. The project will also enhance civic education and participation. These critical dual components of governmental and civic interaction will respectively increase the supply of and demand for government services in target areas.

Within the two main objectives, USAID will support measures to:

  • Increase transparency and accountability exhibited by local governments and CSOs in the target communities
  • Improve government service delivery; improve local government capacities to generate own sources of revenues
  • Improve participatory mechanism institutionalization and functionality as provided for in the Local Government Code and others
  • Increase public participation in local governance processes strengthen CSOs
  • Increase involvement of youth and adults in civil society and community development activities
  • Increase citizen engagement and satisfaction

By providing the necessary developmental support in this holistic interagency approach, USAID ENGAGE will strengthen local governance and facilitate civic engagement.


To improve peace and stability in six target areas of Mindanao by promoting good governance and public engagement


  • Strengthen capacity, transparency, accountability and legitimacy of local governments
  • Increase youth and adult involvement in governance processes through civic education, civil society strengthening and fostering community-level participation and interaction


USAID ENGAGE focuses on Southern Basilan and the cities and surrounding areas of: Cotabato, Isabela, Jolo, Marawi and Zamboanga.

Last updated: September 10, 2015

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