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March 9, 2021

Since 2016, the Peru Cacao Alliance, an initiative supported by USAID, have been working in the Peruvian Amazon, to improve the income of 24,000 cacao-producing families so they can find in this crop, a legal, profitable and environmentally sustainable alternative.

Participantes del evento de lanzamiento del programa DEPE
March 4, 2021

La corrupción es el problema estructural más complejo que afronta el Perú y afecta significativamente a las pequeñas y medianas empresas (PyMEs) de todas las regiones del país.

February 22, 2021

The Amazon is home to 1.6 million indigenous people, some of whom continue to live in voluntary isolation, and all of whom depend on the forests and waters of the Amazon for their material and cultural survival.  Protected areas and indigenous territories are known to be the best conserved lands in the Amazon, and USAID considers the region’s indigenous peoples to be the foundation for achieving its conservation goals. Their active and meaningful participation in development planning and decisions affecting the Amazon is the basis for the long-term conservation of the world's largest rainforest. Safeguarding the rights and resources of indigenous peoples will help conserve irreplaceable biodiversity and ecosystem services, and promote cultural survival and self-determined development.


February 17, 2021

USAID seeks to improve the socio-economic integration of Venezuelan migrants and refugees in targeted cities of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.  This is accomplished through a mix of activities which are focused on enabling Venezuelans to secure a sustainable livelihood in their host country.  Major lines of activity include: improved access to financial services, particularly savings and credit products; facilitating  access to the labor market through training,  job placement support and outreach to the private sector; and, training and support for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, including access to seed capital.  Primary measures of success include increased incomes, secure and decent employment opportunities, and financial inclusion.  


February 5, 2021

As part of the cooperation of the United States Government to Peru in the fight against covid19, the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (DEVIDA) delivered 70 medical oxygen balloons, donated by USAID in alliance with Partners in Health, to 17 health centers in the regions of Huánuco, San Martín and Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon that have been severely hit by the pandemic.


Last updated: November 29, 2022

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