Launch of PERU-Hub, Peruvian Extension and Research Utilization Project that will bring technology to the Peruvian Amazon

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022
PERU-Hub will benefit farmers through building a knowledge base in tropical agriculture and technology transfer.
PERU - Hub

The National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the Universities of Oklahoma, Utah State University, Purdue University and the Tropical Research Center of Colombia, presented the PERU-Hub project, aimed at improving the economy of farmers in the Huallaga Valley, through the construction of a knowledge base in tropical agriculture and the transfer of generated technologies. This project will work using the results of research and innovations carried out by universities and private and public research centers, of renowned prestige. In addition, they will contribute their experiences obtained in the agrarian community. 

PERU-Hub is the result of a cooperative effort that began in early 2020 with the submission of a concept note to USAID's international funding competition entitled "Program Bringing Research to Impact for Development: Global Engagement and Utilization (BRIDGE-U)". The process continued with the elaboration of the final proposal and the granting of a fund of 15 million dollars in 2021, for a period of five years.  The actors of the winning proposal were Incubagraria, the Regional Development Institute (IRD) and the Office of Interinstitutional Relations (ORI) of the UNALM, in addition to USAID and the cluster of North American universities mentioned above, specialized in the use of precision agriculture technologies, spatial information systems, food processing, and entrepreneurship. Incubagraria's contribution to obtaining the support of advisors for the formulation of the project document was valuable.

Peruvian agriculture lacks a technology transfer system for the Amazon that ensures that research results are eventually translated into farmers' economic improvement. Consequently, the project contemplates the creation of a Technology Center (Hub) in the Pucayacu Experimental Fund headquarters of IRD Selva in Tarapoto, which can serve as a model for the transfer and use of advanced technologies in the areas of agricultural production, integrated production systems, post-harvest management and food processing, capacity building,  extension and entrepreneurship. PERU-Hub incorporates in its actions the approaches of participatory action, value chains and entrepreneurship; for which, it has established cooperation agreements with non-governmental research centers, local universities, private companies, cooperatives, and farmers' associations of the upper, middle and lower Huallaga Central. 

PERU-Hub is projected as a global model for the use of research results, for education and the creation of knowledge in the Amazon region, consolidating the National Agrarian University La Molina as a benchmark for innovation and education in the agricultural sector of Peru. 


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