Oxygen to Save Lives

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This agreement seeks to ensure the provision of medicinal oxygen within the framework of comprehensive care, especially for people affected by COVID 19, through a program that articulates the various actors who intervene directly and indirectly in the provision of health services in the defined territories. This program mobilizes $ 1 million dollars and integrates 12 health establishments in 9 provinces of Ecuador.


  • Improve the capacity to provide oxygen therapy in selected health facilities, reducing the demand for hospitalization.
  • Support the proper use of oxygen therapy at home through the formulation of protocols, the provision of oxygen resources, and adequate guidance and monitoring.
  • Promote a better integrated and more coordinated oxygen ecosystem, adequately addressing the estimation of oxygen needs for the different phases of the pandemic.


  • In this first phase of the program, 12 triage stations have been implemented and equipped and delivered:
  • 16 tents
  • 457 furniture units
  • 4,560 medical supplies,
  • 54,096 PPEs,
  • 51,456 medical devices,
  • 576 basic medical equipment,
  • 120 oxygen concentrators
  • 120 oxygen therapy kits
  • 22,000 m3 of medical oxygen

They have been attended to:

  • 51,516 people in respiratory triage
  • 140 patients with home oxygen therapy
  • 9413 patients with emergent ambulatory oxygen therapy
  • 52554 hrs. of use of oxygen concentrators

They have been implemented:

  • Call center service for remote medical monitoring of patients benefiting from home respiratory therapy service
  • 34,080 monitoring calls to beneficiary patients
  • Information system service for qualitative and quantitative statistical monitoring of the program

Agreements have been signed with:

  • 4 establishments of the ministry of public health
  • 4 establishments of the Ecuadorian institute of social security
  • 2 instances of autonomous decentralized municipal government
  • 1 instance of provincial decentralized autonomous government
  • 1 establishment of charitable organizations
  • 1 health facility of the armed forces

They have been integrated into the program:

  • 6 companies that produce and distribute medical oxygen
  • 5 business organizations
  • 2 social organizations
  • 2 instances of provincial governments
  • 3 higher level academic institutions
  • 4 companies supplying equipment, medical supplies
  • 2 companies supplying oxygen concentrators and oxygen therapy kits
  • 2 companies that supply triage tents and hospital furniture

Last updated: May 12, 2022

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