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COVID-19 tests for Lima Norte community

USAID partnership with Socios en Salud, the Peruvian affiliate of the U.S. non-profit organization Partners in Health, responds to COVID-19 in Peru.

This Alliance supports aggressive contact tracing, community mobilization, and systematic screening and isolation to prevent community spread of COVID-19. The $4.43 million investment from USAID mobilizes additional $1 million from Boston-based Partners in Health.


The Alliance supports the administration of COVID-19 tests (with private funds) for the most vulnerable populations, improves the capacity to provide oxygen therapy at public health facilities, the adequate use of oxygen resources at the domicile, and the follow-up of COVID-19 patients; provides teleconsultations through a medical call center for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients, and activates a community health worker network to safely conduct outreach visits to identify families in need to provide clinical and social support, implemented a system for the home delivery of medicines, and screens COVID-19 patients and their contacts for tuberculosis. Activities are focused on high-risk regions for COVID-19, including Lima and Northern Coast and Amazon jungle regions of Peru, as prioritized by Peru’s Ministry of Health.


  • 10 rapid response teams to perform epidemiological surveillance and contact tracing: five in the Integrated Health Networks Directorate (DIRIS) Lima Norte, and five in DIRIS Lima Este.
  • 51,835 rapid tests performed.
  • 17,201 molecular tests for COVID-19 performed in support of several DIRIS in Lima.
  • One mobile laboratory with capacity to perform molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2 donated to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health implemented two additional mobile laboratories based on it.
  • Improved capacities to provide oxygen therapy in eleven hospitals, eighteen local health networks, and one temporary oxygen center, adding 360 oxygen outlet points and delivering 104 10L/min oxygen concentrators (in La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, San Martin and Ica).
  • Forty-five beds and 45 oxygen concentrators (included in count above) donated to DIRIS Lima Norte to implement a temporary Oxygen Therapy Center.
  • Oxygen support provided benefited 6,746 patients.
  • Attended 398,718 non-COVID and COVID medicine teleconsultations.
  • Nine hundred and eight home deliveries of medicines in benefit of patients suffering chronic diseases, carried out through a motorized delivery service. 
  • Tested 5,494 samples tested for TB using Gene Xpert MTB Ultra Rif, identifying 154 positive samples, 6 of them corresponding to multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
  • Capacity to handle corpses increased in four hospitals (Lambayeque, Lima, Loreto and Piura).
  • A mental health chat-bot implemented: 2,439 persons screened, 1,935 of whom were identified as suffering a mental issue, among the latter 1,902 received psychological first aid and 326 were referred for psychiatric consultation. The staff in charge of the service is calling back 1,931 persons for follow-up. This activity ceased in November 2020 when the Ministry of Health initiated the Welfare Service (Servicio Bienestar) with similar characteristics.
  • A version of the mental health chat-bot in quechua implemented.
  • Twenty-five Community Health Workers in activity conducted 17,946 house visits to provide health education, conduct epidemiological surveillance, and identify groups at risk of developing severe disease from COVID-19.
  • Social support provided to 6,829 households.

Last updated: August 12, 2021

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