Ask the Procurement Executive

USAID organizes regular outreach events for organizations that work with USAID or are interested in partnering with USAID. To receive the latest updates on news and events, please sign-up for the USAID Acquisition and Assistance Updates e-mail list.

One of the regular outreach events is a conference call titled Ask the Procurement Executive. The purpose of this call is to answer partners' questions about working with USAID beyond the Business Forecast and specific funding opportunities. 

Posted below are the recordings and transcripts of the Ask the Procurement Executive calls that have taken place.

June 23, 2016 Conference Call

Topics Discussed: Choice of Instrument, Small Business Designation, 10% de Minimis Overhead Rate, Use of Co-Creation in Solicitations, Definition of Agricultural Commodities, Small Businesses on IDIQs, Local Severance Pay, Leader with Associate Awards, Local Works Program, Procurement Executive Bulletins, Quick Close-Outs, Business Class for Medical Reasons, Pre-solicitation Notices

March 10, 2016 Conference Call

Topics Discussed: Trends in Acquisition and Assistance, Choice of Instrument, Working with Missions, Engaging in Industry, Agricultural Commodities,  Partner Vetting and Data Development Library, GSA Schedule Procurements, Small Business, Procurement Action Lead Time (PALT), Audits, Award Announcements

August 5, 2015 Conference Call

Topics Discussed: Choice of Instrument, Training of Staff, Procurement Action Lead Time (PALT), Agency Policy, Timelines for Responding to Inquiries, Small Business Utilization, Cancelation of Solicitations, Engaging with Industry, Broad Agency Announcements, Business Forecast


Last updated: July 15, 2016

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