Responding to a Solicitation

Key phases of the Solicitation process

How USAID partners

USAID partners with a variety of organizations – from small businesses and local in-country organizations to universities and international NGOs – to support and implement a wide range of development programs around the world.

USAID partners with organizations through one of three award types:

  • Contracts (Acquisition): Direct purchase of goods or services by the federal government.
  • Grants (Assistance): Transfer of funds to another party for the implementation of programs that contribute to the public good and further the objectives of the Foreign Assistance Act.
  • Cooperative Agreement (Assistance): Similar to a grant, but with substantial involvement from USAID.

The type of award depends on the type of work, purpose of the funding, and nature of the relationship between the Agency and the implementing partner. More in-depth information about each award type, including registration requirements, may be found in the Our Process document.

Private Voluntary Organizations (commonly referred to as non-profit, non-governmental or civil society organizations) have separate registration requirements. Learn more about PVO Registration.

Further USAID acquisition and assistance information can be found at the links below:

For more information on responding to specific solicitations throughout the Agency, visit our Search for Opportunities page or contact us.

Last updated: October 14, 2015

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