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New hospital in Guatemala pro-vides free medical care with do-nated medical supplies received through the LEPP. St. Luke’s Hospi
New hospital in Guatemala pro-vides free medical care with do-nated medical supplies received through the LEPP. St. Luke’s Hospital Zacapa, Guatemala.

Hospital Provides a New Way of Life

St. Luke;s Hospital
Zacapa, Guatemala

In Guatemala, a nation where 50 percent of the population is at or below the poverty level and 30 percent find themselves in extreme poverty, resources provided through USAID’s Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) have tremendously aided the town Zacapa, a region east of Guatemala City. 

In Guatemala there is a substantial lack of medical care, especially for the many children and women living in poverty. Non-Government Organizations, such as World Help and their partner Esperanza de Vida, have significantly aided the local community by building St. Luke’s Hospital, a state-of-the-art medical facility. The hospital exists with the sole purpose of providing free medical care to those in need.

The Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) donated more than $18 million dollars’ worth of infrastructure materials, medical equipment and supplies to build the capacity of St. Luke’s Hospital .This equipment, supports the hospital but it also provides support to other nearby medical facilities.  One example is the Baby Rescue Center, which provides medical care to children who are gravely ill, many having been abandoned by their families.

Access to quality medical equipment and supplies through USAID’s Limited Excess Property Program is helping these organizations provide life-saving treatment to the poorest of the poor in the local community.

"The donation through the Pan American Development Founda-tion for the Salesian School of San José represents an im-portant cont
"The donation through the Pan American Development Founda-tion for the Salesian School of San José represents an im-portant contribution toward im-proving the educational services that we're providing." Salesian School of San José Santa Ana, El Salvador

Educating At-Risk Youth

Salesian School of San Jose
Santa Ana, El Salvador

In El Salvador, where many young people are victims of criminal activity and drug trafficking, education is critical. Through partnership with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) and other in-country organizations, USAID’s Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) is providing much needed school equipment and supplies to support the education at risk youth.

Through this partnership, PADF provided computers, school  equipment and other necessary supplies to meet the needs of over 600 students at the Salesian School of San José (Escuela Salesiana de San José), in the town of Santa Ana in Central El Salvador. 

With this LEPP donation, the Salesian school of San José was able to improve and create more academic resource services for faculty and students. The school built a new computer lab, conference room and expanded their library services; this significantly helped to enrich the learning experience for all students. Teachers are able to provide a higher quality of education and these added resources have assisted PADF to help hundreds of vulnerable youth stay in school.

PADF, in cooperation with the LEPP, provides students with better access to technology, educational services, and, most importantly, provides an opportunity for at-risk youth to stay away from criminal activity.

Lyplyany Children's Home Lusk, Ukraine
"We express our sincere gratitude for caring for us, and the great electrical stoves. It is new and has great quality; it will be used in the kitchen where the children are taught the basics of housekeeping and cleaning."

Cooking up Self-Sustainability

Lyplyany Children's Home
Lusk, Ukraine

As developing countries such as Moldova and Ukraine both continue to endure social and economic hardships, Private Voluntary Organizations such as Missions Without Borders (MWB) have taken significant strides to improve the quality of life for families, children, and organizations in these countries.

Through MWB’s partnership with the United States Agency of International Development’s Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP), they have provided more than two million dollars-worth of excess property to Ukraine and Moldova over the past year.

Recently MWB donated over 200 electrical stoves to several children’s homes throughout Ukraine and Moldova to provide almost 1,800 boys and girls with hot, nutritious meals. Children that are put in these homes come from varying backgrounds; some are orphans and most have been sent by relatives who could no longer provide care for them. MWB also has about 20 electrical stoves on hand for families in crisis as part of a community outreach initiative.

Since its inception, with help from LEPP, MWB was able to create a food preparation and service vocational program. Children from the age of 15 are taught to cook, bake and prepare meals for the purpose of sustaining a healthy life and to prepare them for job opportunities in the culinary field.

Missions Without Borders’ objective is to promote lifelong self-sufficiency in these communities. With the donation of valuable equipment and supplies, communities can now focus on sustaining healthy lifestyles. 

Luisa Sotos Home Santiago Chile
A donated fully functional medical bed received through the Limited Excess Property Program in collaboration with Globus Relief not only decreases the strain of a care-giver’s role, but it also provides a dignified solution to individuals

The Elderly Receive Dignified Solutions

Luisa Soto's Home
Santiago, Chile

Of the 88,000 people residing in San Antonio, Chile, a large percentage of the population are elderly and impoverished. Ac-cording to national estimates, in six years over 30 percent of San Antonio's population will be above 65 and currently there are few programs that address the needs of this population.

USAID's Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP), in partner-ship with Globus Relief, has provided walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital beds to address some of the needs of those suffering from orthopedic ailments.

Globus Relief focuses on aiding the elderly, disabled and supporting the role of caregivers. An elderly woman named Luisa Soto, who suffers from severe arthritis in her hip, has been bed ridden for years. Globus Relief, in partnership with LEPP, provided Luisa with an electric hospital bed to prevent additional physical discomfort. USAID and Globus Relief are partnering together, through LEPP, to improve the lives of both the elderly and their caregiv-ers in Chile.

LEPP provides approved Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) access to government excess property for use in their overseas projects. Additionally, USAID Missions are able to request property for their humanitarian assistance programs. An array of equipment is available for distribution, including: vehicles, medical supplies, agriculture equipment, furniture, clothing, computers, safety and rescue equipment. Donated equipment is used to improve lives, build communities, and encourage sustainable development.

Last updated: June 16, 2015

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