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USAID partnered with an Armenian-American diaspora-led organization to provide eye exams.
USAID partnered with an Armenian-American diaspora-led organization to provide eye exams.

Growing populations of Diaspora in the U.S. are helping shape the future for their home countries through philanthropy, entrepreneurship and innovation with remittances as a foundation. 


The U.S. is home to over 62 million Americans who trace their immediate lineages to every corner of the world. Diasporas include emigrants and their descendants who live outside the country of their birth or ancestry, yet still retain close ties to their countries of origin. As global migration has increased, flows of remittances, investments, information and trade from Diaspora comminutes have continued to grow at unprecedented rates including to countries with critical development needs. 

For many Diaspora, sending remittances to family and communities in their country of origin sustains a vital and reliable lifeline. Diasporas invest in new businesses, share their skills and expertise and are engaged in advocacy and philanthropy in their home countries. They possess important cultural insights, linguistic competences and networks that are valuable assets for improving development strategy and impact. 

USAID’s Diaspora Networks Alliance (DNA) model seeks greater outreach to Diaspora communities to leverage human and financial resources in order to achieve foreign policy objectives and greater development impact. USAID engages with Diasporas across various fields that include: 

  • Advocacy, Philanthropy and Volunteerism – Diasporas often have the key skills, networks and commitment to make significant development impact in their home countries as philanthropists, volunteers and advocates for change.     
  • Investment and Trade – Diaspora investors play a vital role in growing the American economy and promoting economic development in emerging and frontier markets through trade, finance and start-up capital.
  • Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology – Diaspora entrepreneurs and innovators are creating economic opportunities and through scientific and technological breakthroughs that address development challenges in their countries of origin.

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Last updated: June 24, 2016

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