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Programme perspectives on using markets to empower women and men living in poverty
La versión abreviada del Manual del IGP (Indice de Gestión de Personas) ha sido elaborada para acercar información básica sobre el Índice como una primera aproximación a su contenido. Para más detalles sobre la herramienta debe consultarse la versión completa del Manual. 
Sections 118 and 119 of the Foreign Assistance Act require that each USAID Country Development Strategy include an analysis of the actions necessary in that country to achieve conservation and sustainable management of biological diversity and tropical forests and of the extent to which the actions proposed for support by USAID meet these needs. This report provides USAID/Paraguay with this analysis.
In April 2009, a four-person team conducted a democracy and governance assessment in Paraguay as a preliminary step in the development of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Paraguay’s new Democracy Sector Strategic Plan. The purpose of the assessment was to identify basic issues and challenges in Paraguay’s democratic development and to make strategic recommendations for USAID’s consideration.
En el presente documento se describen los principales aspectos que hacen a la producción del arroz en el Paraguay, analizando además el contexto internacional en que el producto se comercializa.


Last updated: March 13, 2018

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