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The U.S. and Pakistan have worked together since Pakistan’s independence on issues that are important to both nations. The USAID/Pakistan Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for 2023-2028 aims to support a more resilient, gender-equitable, inclusive, and prosperous Pakistan. The strategy aims to foster broad-based, climate-resilient economic growth; strengthen inclusive, democratic, and accountable governance; and promote a healthier, more educated population. It focuses on improving health and education, engaging women for inclusive economic growth, enhancing democratic systems to be more representative and accountable, and advancing and respecting the rights of all people, particularly women and vulnerable groups. Additionally, the strategy emphasizes cross-cutting priority approaches, including climate resilience and preparedness, integrating flood recovery, and conflict sensitivity. It emphasizes gender and social inclusion, youth empowerment, localization, and private-sector engagement across all development objectives.


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