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Sindh Basic Education Project
Sindh Basic Education Project is helping increase student enrollment in primary, middle, and secondary schools in Sindh.
USAID Pakistan

Through the Sindh Basic Education Program, USAID is bridging the gender gap in education by building schools and providing access to basic education for adolescent girls in Sindh.  In total, USAID will construct 106 child-friendly schools in Sindh including 18 girls’ schools.  In addition, USAID has signed an MOU with Rotary International and the Government of Sindh to provide computer and science lab equipment for each of these schools.  As a result, an anticipated 3,000 adolescent girls will have access to science and computer labs.  Finally, USAID has signed an MOU with Intel to provide training in information and communications technology for teachers and students in these girls’ schools. 


Last updated: February 10, 2021

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