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Abdul Khaliq

Surrounded by the “baa-baa” of bleating sheep, a master shearer in Pakistan clips slowly and confidently with his oversized scissors through one cluster of fleece after another. Two of his assistants keep the sheep secured and firmly pressed against the floor. Forty-five minutes later, the sheep has been shorn. But with the introduction of mechanized shears, a similar sheep is shaved within seven minutes, saving time, reducing costs and causing less stress for shearers and sheep alike

Education-Building for Success

In their newly constructed buildings, the children have much to celebrate. Sakina Bibi, a second grade student, is happy to see chairs in her class. “Before this, we used to sit on the floor,” she says. “Some children would bring mats from home. Now I keep telling my mother how good my school looks.” She grins.

Reshaping Customer Care at MEPCO

Aug. 2014—Efficient customer service is critical to success for Pakistan’s power utilities. These utilities bear responsibility to provide continuous, accurate and reliable service to their customers.

Empowers Working Moms

When Saima Shabbir joined the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) in 2013, she knew she would have to contend with a difficult work environment. Pakistan’s power sector is heavily male-dominated—women hardly make up 1 percent of the work force in the country’s power distribution companies.


Hamid* lights up as he talks about his ambitions for a better and brighter future. “My parents value education more than anything for us. It is only through education that one can become what they want with dignity and pride,” said the 16-year-old.


Last updated: August 04, 2017

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