The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) leads initiatives to save lives, alleviate poverty, reinforce democratic governance, and assist in humanitarian crises. Our programs are designed to nurture a stable, peaceful, and thriving Pakistan, and to build more sustainable development through a greater reliance on implementation of our programming through local partners. Our strategy is focused on fostering economic resilience and environmental sustainability, enhancing governance and civic engagement, and improving health and educational outcomes. These efforts collectively aim to empower Pakistan to independently plan, manage, and finance its path to enduring progress and self-sufficiency.


Economic Growth: broad-based, climate-resilient economic growth advanced 

USAID Pakistan is working together with both government and private organizations to boost investment in sustainable businesses, speed up the switch to clean energy, and strengthen important areas like water management and farming against the effects of climate change. Our goal is to ensure growth that benefits everyone—especially women and marginalized communities, focusing on using environmentally friendly technologies, making the energy sector less reliant on carbon, and helping local businesses be more financially secure so they can better handle the challenges posed by climate change.

Democratic Governance: inclusive democratic and accountable governance strengthened 

USAID Pakistan has a major goal to improve fair and responsible governance. Their plan focuses on making sure that government institutions listen to and meet the needs of the people, ensuring elections and law-making are open and fair, and upholding human rights, especially for those often overlooked. This effort aims to build trust between the public and the government, strengthen democracy, and ensure that governance is inclusive, democratic, and accountable. There's a special focus on getting more women and traditionally underrepresented groups involved in politics and elections, increasing their roles in government, and making sure all levels of government are answerable to the people.

Health and Education: healthier, more educated population

USAID Pakistan, in collaboration with the Pakistani government and the private sector, is committed to fostering a healthier, more educated society. Our programming focuses on strengthening the country’s health and education systems to better address critical challenges while ensuring universal access to high-quality services in these sectors for everyone, including women and underprivileged communities. It considers Pakistan's low human development scores, highlighting a gap in reaching full potential due to limited access to health and education. USAID's efforts include improving disaster management systems and fostering stronger collaboration between public and private health service providers. With an emphasis on addressing vital issues such as malnutrition and high birth rates, the goal is to nurture a population that is not only healthier and more educated but also more equipped to actively participate in the economy.

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