Summary of REG. 216

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An IEE makes a recommendation as to whether a proposed activity will have a significant impact on the environment. Early environmental considerations increase long-term sustainability of development interventions and help avoid costly design errors and expensive mitigation.

lEEs are prepared in the field by USAID staff or consultants/partners and approved by the field Mission Director or the Washington equivalent. They are then forwarded to the appropriate Bureau Environmental Officer (BEO) in Washington and form the basis for the BEO's Environmental Threshold Decision. For projects that may have environmental impacts, steps are taken to mitigate those impacts. lEEs or requests for Categorical Exclusions and subsequent Threshold Decisions are prerequisites for the obligation of funds. Specific Procedures for applying Reg. 216 are available at: 22 CFR 216 Agency Environmental Procedures.

Last updated: November 08, 2013

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