USAID Celebrates Completion of Readers are Leaders Project and Its Achievements

USAID Celebrates Completion of Readers are Leaders Project and Its Achievements
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Today at Aleksandar Palace Hotel in Skopje, USAID’s Readers are Leaders celebrated five years of achievements in improving early literacy in Macedonia at the closing ceremony of the project. USAID Country Representative David Atteberry, Minister of Education and Science Renata Deskoska, representatives from educational institutions, teacher training faculties and primary schools attended the event.

USAID’s Readers are Leaders, implemented by Foundation Step by Step- Macedonia, was USAID’s flagship education project to improve early-grade literacy and numeracy skills that partnered with the Ministry of Education and Science to expand the project’s reach across the country. In his remarks during the event, USAID Country Representative David Atteberry congratulated the project’s partners for their commitment to continuously strengthening young children’s reading and math skills.

“We know that changes in an education system can’t be made overnight but, thanks to your efforts, Readers are Leaders has laid the groundwork to improve the quality of education in Macedonia significantly,” Atteberry said. “The closing of our project doesn’t mean our work is done. Much remains to be done to ensure Macedonia can provide quality education to every child. But the commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm I’ve witnessed firsthand at Readers are Leaders events, gives me hope that you know what needs to change to realize the goal of better quality of education in Macedonia and you will continue to work towards it.”

The project chief of party, Suzana Kirandziska, highlighted the achievements of the project that has transformed learning assessment tools and benchmarks and reading and math skills of children of Macedonia through the country while providing valuable data on student literacy to the Ministry of Education and Science that is being used in programming education reform.

The event was an opportunity for beneficiaries of the project to present information about their work and included a model reading session led by Gorast Cvetkovski simulating a Magic Literacy Van reading event.   

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, USAID education projects help ensure equal access to education for all children and that youth are equipped with the knowledge and skills that foster economic growth and reinforce an appreciation for diversity necessary in a multi-ethnic society.

NOTE TO EDITORS: This year, USAID is marking its 25th anniversary in Macedonia. The American people, through USAID, have invested more than $610 million in the country since 1993. USAID is working with the people of Macedonia to create jobs, strengthen democratic institutions and practices, enhance integrated education, and prepare students for the modern workforce. These initiatives, in partnership with the people of Macedonia, aim to improve the quality of life for Macedonia’s citizens. For more information please visit and USAID’s Facebook page

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