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Signing of an MOU
The Government of Republic of North Macedonia and the Energy Regulatory Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will facilitate technical assistance by USAID to harmonize Macedonian energy legislation with the European Union’s energy regulations
USAID North Macedonia


USAID’s Development of Regional Energy Markets (DREM) Project is a three-year activity launched in December 2017 that works with the Government of North Macedonia (GONM) to comply with European Union (EU) energy policies, regulations and translate relevant EU legislation into national legislation. The overall goal of the project is to enhance the regulatory environment of the energy sector and establish the legal framework for an open, transparent and vibrant energy market while improving energy services to households and industry, thus strengthening the energy security of the country.

The project provides technical support to the GONM to fully comply and align national legislation with the third EU Energy Package and Energy Community (EC) requirements, and the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). It also helps streamline the investment process for renewables and introduces new incentive schemes in transparent, non-discriminatory and market-based approaches.


  • In May 2018, the Parliament of the North Macedonia adopted a new Energy Law that is fully compliant with the Third Energy Package.
  • The Energy Community Secretariat discontinued two cases against North Macedonia and withdrew a reasoned opinion submitted to the Ministerial Council following the adoption of a new Energy Law.
  • Drafted a set of secondary legislation on renewable energy that introduces a new incentive scheme to boost investment in renewable energy projects.
  • Supported the GONM to draft the rules and organize a competitive tender for the selection of a universal electricity supplier, making North Macedonia the f country in the European Energy Community to do so.
  • Drafted national regulations on certification of electricity and gas transmission system operators.
  • Drafted national regulations on compensation for damages to producers and consumers caused by interruptions in the transmission and distribution systems..

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Last updated: June 05, 2019

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