Strengthening Resource Mobilization Activity

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Strengthening Resource Mobilization Activity
Strengthening Resource Mobilization Activity


As North Macedonia advances its European Union accession processes, it is focused on creating efficient and effective government institutions at the local and national levels. This includes the appropriate administrative capacity to adequately coordinate and ensure the correct calculation, collection, payment, and control of its own resources to be able to provide efficient service delivery for its citizens. USAID contributes to this country’s efforts to reduce corruption and increase government effectiveness and transparency


The aim of this program is to increase municipalities’ own-source revenues and external funding and increase their budget execution rate in compliance with the central government’s budgeting and reporting requirements. Through this program, we will work with local and central governments to 1) enhance the quality of municipal tax and fee collection systems; 2) increase municipal capacity to access external resources from the national government, international organizations, capital markets, and banks; and 3) improve the ability of municipalities to plan, manage, and implement public sector revenues in compliance with national regulations.


This program will enable North Macedonia’s local governments to support sustained and inclusive social and local economic development. Working with local and central governments, we will support their strong commitment to enhance the quality of tax systems, strengthen the operational capacity of the tax administration and improve local governments’ ability to plan, manage and implement public sector revenues.

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Last updated: February 25, 2022

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