University Support and Workforce Development Program (USWDP)

  • Duration: 
    Dec 2013 – Dec 2018
  • Value: $91.9 million


The Afghanistan University Support and Workforce Development Program supports the Ministry of Higher Education and 11 public universities to implement strategies designed to ensure quality education and employment opportunities for Afghan students. Inaddition, the project links universities and potential public and private sector employers and strengthens the management of the partneruniversities. The partner universities include Kabul University, Kabul Polytechnic University, Kabul Medical University, Shaheed Rabbani Education University, Nangarhar University, Herat University, Balkh University, Kandahar University, Kunduz University, Khost University, and Jowzjan University.


  • Train and prepare staff; provide resources to the Ministry of Higher Education that strengthen employees management skills, including procurement and finance, curricula development, and accreditation.
  • Support efforts to improve the administrative capacity of the Ministry of Education and universities and provide technical assistance to establish new market-oriented degree programs.
  • Establish partnerships between selected Afghan and U.S. universities to start new associate, bachelor, and master’s degree programs.
  • Provide scholarships for faculty members at public universities to upgrade their qualifications.
  • Develop quality assurance and accreditation policies by strengthening capacity at the Ministry of Higher Education to facilitate the accreditation process of public and private universities.


  • Launched 32 associate, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs in the 11 partner universities
  • Facilitated overseas exchange programs for faculty members as part of their professional development
  • Signed partnerships with 13 US Universities to work with partner Afghan Universities to start new degrees or support existing degrees (associate, undergraduate and graduate)
  • Supported the 11 partner universities to develop new, or revise existing curriculum of the 32 degree programs supported by the University Support and Workforce Development Program
  • The 11 partner universities completed the first and second stages of quality assurance and accreditation. The project is currently providing guidance to reach full accreditation
  • Provided more than 70 scholarships to faculty members to enhance their academic qualifications
  • Awarded gender scholarships to approximately 30 females to enroll in various graduate degree programs
  • Installed a unified information, communication, and technology system and trained staff at the Ministry of Higher Education and 11 Public Universities to operate the systems.
  • Provided soft skill training to students on interpersonal skills for employment
  • Drafted policies, strategies, and guidelines that were approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the partner universities

Last updated: September 18, 2017

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