National Media Assessment

Speeches Shim

DATES: March 2010 - September 2010
The assessment will follow a multi-layer approach.  Unlike a basic audience survey that would inform the reader about what media are “generally” used by a national sample of population, this methodology aims at breaking down the media landscape and usage into several layers, in order to very precisely define:
  • What are the current structures, affiliations, business models and needs of the afghan media in Kabul and in the Provinces, in order to define a short, mid and long term media development strategy;
  • Which programs are listened to/watched by whom, at what time of the day, and with what level of interest and trust, in order to be able to design effective programs and communication strategies;
  • And, what type of content & messages is likely to have an influence on a targeted audience, while other sources of information and power are available locally, in order to design well targeted messages and content.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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