Higher Education Project (HEP)

Speeches Shim

DATES: February 2006 - February 2012
PARTNERS: University of Massachusetts - Center for International Education
The Afghanistan Higher Education Project (HEP) supports the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) to implement four activities that are considered critical to the success of the MoHE’s efforts to achieve quality higher education. These include providing technical assistance to operationalize the National Higher Education Strategic Plan that is aimed at revitalize higher education. With this support, the MoHE has initiated self-assessments in public universities, an initial step to quality assurance and eventual accreditation. USAID is working with Kabul Education University to enable it to continue to offer the Master’s in Education program for the Faculty of Education staff. So far, 44 professors (50 percent women) have graduated from the program and the same number is undertaking the program in two cohorts. USAID is redesigning the Public Policy and Administration program, to ensure that it conforms to the human resources needs of the Afghan civil service. As a result of this, the four universities are finalizing plans to begin offering the program at the undergraduate level. HEP is also facilitating 12 University e-learning centers to offer English, computer and internet use skills, and academic research to faculty and students. At least 700 education faculty and more than 5,000 students have benefited from the project. This has enabled the universities to re-connect with education counterparts within Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world, an important aspect for Afghanistan to re-enter the global education arena.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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