The Ministry of Women’s Affairs Initiative to Support Policy and Advocacy (MISPA)

DATES: January 2006 - January 2011
PARTNERS: The Asia Foundation
The MIPSA project goal is to strengthen the Ministry of Women’s’ Affairs’ (MoWA) capacity to serve as a visible and effective agent for policy and advocacy.  The project consists of several components.  Component 1: Improving the policy advocacy through leadership development and support to the MoWA’s senior management including the Minister’s Office.  Component 2: Strengthening the ministry at the central level as well as in the provinces to develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy that supports its mission and mandate.  Component 3: Strengthening the Department of Women’s Affairs’ capacity to operate as resource and referral centers for women.  Component 4: Improving strategic decision-making and increasing the transparency of the Ministry’s budget allocation and planning process.  Component 5: Creating an enabling work environment through infrastructure and security upgrades.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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