Community Based Stabilization Grants (CBSG)

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DATES: March 2010 - March 2012
PARTNERS: Creative Associates International, Inc.
The Community-Based Stabilization Grants (CBSG) project, in support of counterinsurgency, helps “hold” communities after military operations and insulate unstable communities from further insurgent intrusion. The project addresses drivers of instability through grants to community-based organizations or community development councils in 14 targeted provinces in the northern, western, and central regions of Afghanistan. CBSG is an “Afghan First” project, implemented through Afghan non-governmental organizations. Under CBSG, USAID supports eligible community-based organizations to work with the Afghan government to identify sources of instability and undertake small-scale community level projects such as rehabilitation of irrigation canals, schools, health clinics and public meeting halls, purchase of commodities or equipment for such community facilities, and support for capacity-building training, peace jirgas and women’s projects. The projects are limited in size – the maximum grant award is $25,000 – and generally take no more than three months to complete.  

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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