Special Projects: Watershed Studies, Multi-purpose Dam Designs, and Technical Assistance

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DATES: January 2009 - January 2012
PARTNERS: US Army Corps of Engineers
USAID is using U.S. Army Corps of Engineers engineering services, contract administration, and construction management for selected activities. This effort currently involves several components: 1) extend the ongoing watershed evaluations to the 12 remaining provinces of northern and western Afghanistan, 2) use the watershed assessments to select sites for the survey and design of small multi-purpose dams, and 3) provide short-term technical assistance. These activities will: 1) maximize the most efficient use of resources in selecting small irrigation dam placement according to the geology, hydrology, and watershed characteristics of the basins, and 2) prepare detailed designs of up to 10 dams. The proposed activities will improve agricultural production, increasing employment and incomes in certain strategic agricultural areas and protecting the public from continued exposure to numerous hazardous materials.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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