Rehabilitation of Economic Facilities and Services (REFS) - Power

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DATES: September 2002 - June 2007
The Rehabilitation of Economic Facilities and Services (REFS) - Power Program, implemented by Louis Berger, will end in June 2007. This program focuses on the refurbishment of three turbine units at the Kajakai Hydropower Plant as part of the South East Power System (SEPS). REFS is providing the design, fabrication, and transport of parts for the turbine units for subsequent installation under the Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program (IRP). FY 07 funds will be used to rehabilitate the Kajakai Power Plant; procure substation materials for the SEPS; support discussions with Central Asian countries for the importation of cheaper energy supplies; cover increased security and management costs for Kajakai; and ensure the smooth turn-over of the Kajakai activities to the IRP contractor. Rehabilitation of the Kajakai turbines will result in 51 MW of additional power generation capacity. Support for cross-border energy trade will help reduce Afghanistan’s dependence on expensive diesel fuel for electricity. Security problems have adversely affected work at Kajakai, causing delays in installation and increasing security, construction, and management costs.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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