Design and Initial Construction of of Bamyan and Dushi Road

DATES: June 2009 - August 2011
This strategically important road serves as an alternate route for travel between the north and central provinces of Afghanistan, providing a much needed alternative to the Salang Pass and Salang Tunnel. Extreme weather and deteriorated road and tunnel conditions at the Salang Tunnel are the cause of considerable delays and numerous road casualties during the winter months. In its present condition, the Bamyan-Dushi Road is virtually impassable during the winter months. During summer months, it offers a very slow and arduous detour. The rehabilitated Bamyan-Dushi Road will provide a year-round alternative between Kabul and the provinces in the north and facilitate local travel in Baghlan and Bamyan provinces Through this project, USAID improved the existing road surface through a gravel upgrade and winter maintenance program, dramatically increasing travel speeds and reducing travel time and vehicle wear and tear. USAID is implementing approximately 12 community projects along the road that include bridges, micro hydro power, upgrades to school and basic health clinics, and improvements to water supply and flood control.    

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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