Provincial Reforestation and Integrated Environmental Protection Project (IEPP)

DATES: April 2007 - April 2009
The Provincial Reforestation and Integrated Environmental Protection Project (IEPP) is a major component of the on-going United Nations (UN) joint program with the Government of Afghanistan - the “Green Afghanistan Initiative (GAIN).”  The objectives of GAIN are: 1) to increase natural vegetation and forest cover through community and government-supported labor intensive projects; 2) to provide alternative sustainable livelihoods through home and community-based nurseries; 3) to increase environmental awareness through education by integrating environmental issues in to the school curriculum; and 4) to build community and government capacity on strategic planning and policy development.
The project aims to: 1) Promote community based initiatives for the management and use of the natural resources involving stakeholders with varied interests; 2) Increase the knowledge and capacity of provincial government agencies and community groups to manage the natural resources within their domain in a sustainable way; 3) Create employment/income generating opportunities for targeted communities; and 4) Raise awareness among Afghans of the importance of a “green” Afghanistan and the need to improve management of natural resources. 

Last updated: August 22, 2013

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