Alternative Development Program/Southwestern Region (ADP/SW)

DATES: March 2008 - March 2011
The goals of the ADP/SW project are to increase agricultural sector jobs and incomes and to increase the confidence of Afghans in their government.  Along those lines, ADP/SW activities have been designed to address the following activities:  1) increase agricultural productivity; 2) regenerate agribusiness by increasing linkages between farmers, markets and trade corridors; and 3) rehabilitate watersheds and improve irrigation infrastructure through labor-intensive erosion control and reforestation activities, infrastructure repair and training.  ADP/SW also works with provincial level Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock staff to help build their capacity to deliver services to farmers and herders and promote the private sector and farmer associations.  Specific activities include improving high-value agriculture value chain production through input distribution and training in agricultural production and post-harvest handling; increasing linkages between farmers, markets and trade corridors, including export markets; infrastructure improvement such as urban market structures, feeder road rehabilitation, storage facilities, and irrigation; and cash-for-work support for on-farm and post-harvest storage, agricultural facilities, irrigation, etc.

Last updated: August 22, 2013

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