Alternative Development Program/Southern Region (ADP/S)

DATES: February 2005 - September 2009
The Alternative Development Program/Southern Region (ADP/S), implemented by Chemonics, is a major component of the U.S. and Government of Afghanistan’s (GoA) comprehensive Counter-Narcotics Strategy for Hilmand, Kandahar, and Uruzgan provinces.  In 2007, ALP/S plans to rehabilitate 300 kms of gravel compacted farm-to-market roads; build 40 km of cobblestone roads; complete a 250 km irrigation canal improvement for 65,000 hectares of farmland; rebuild the Lashkar Gah electrical sub-station to improve electrical access for 8,000 families and businesses; establish 14 veterinary field units; establish a commercial feed mill; distribute animal feed to over 20,000 farmers and improved vegetable seeds to over 30,000 farmers; and provide technical training for extension workers, para-vets, and farmer co-ops and associations.  Through ongoing activities to improve access to productive infrastructure, develop livestock and horticulture clusters, accelerate business development, and improve GoA capacity and outreach, ADP/S will improve the licit income opportunities and well being of thousands of rural families by integrating them into the regional economy.

Last updated: August 22, 2013

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