Kabul City Initiative (KCI)

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DATES: October 2010 - September 2013
PARTNERS: Association For Rural Development, Inc. (ARD) and Tetra Tech
The Kabul City Initiative (KCI), begun in November 2010, provides technical and material support to the Kabul Municipality. The three-year project works in close partnership with Kabul’s mayor and municipal staff to enhance the capacities of Kabul Municipality’s administration and management functions.
KCI aims to provide effective, responsive service delivery through Kabul Municipality departments and offices, and to improve the long-term sustainability and financial viability of the Kabul Municipality. As a result of KCI’s activities, Kabul residents and business owners will share a renewed confidence in their local government’s ability to provide improved municipal services, understand the responsibilities of their municipal leaders, and will play an active role in the municipal decision-making process.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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