Engaging, Empowering and Mobilizing Provincial Council Members (FOG Grant)

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DATES: August 2012 - August 2014
USAID awarded a fixed obligation grant to the Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN) in September 2012 for the Engaging, Empowering and Mobilizing Provincial Council Members project, which works in the provinces of Ghazni, Laghman, Parwan and Samangan.  The project aims to strengthen the role and capacity of Provincial Council (PC) members through a series of learning opportunities and events.  The main project objectives are to: 1) increase awareness and knowledge of the PC members’ roles and responsibilities, as well learn more about the provisions and objectives of the draft PC Law; 2) raise PC members’ awareness about good governance, democratic principles, rule of law, human rights principles and practices, with a focus on gender and youth issues, anticorruption practices, and peace building; and, 3) encourage the development of constructive relationships between PCs and their constituencies in order to improve cooperation with other actors in the provincial government and community.  WADAN is partnering with the Afghan Development Association (ADA), an Afghan civil society organization, to implement the project.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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