Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Project (AMDEP)

DATES: November 2010 - September 2013
PARTNERS: Internews Network, Inc.
To support the sustainability of an independent, robust and energetic media landscape, the USAID-funded Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Project (AMDEP) strives to build the capacity of local independent media through technical support, equipment upgrades, hands-on training, and business development.  Implemented by the Internews Network, AMDEP strengthens the media sector by enabling enhanced civil society engagement on democracy and governance in Afghanistan; increasing access to information, education and forums for discussion and debate between citizens and government; and providing technical and policy advice to ministries responsible for media regulation.  AMDEP is also building a network of Afghan lawyers skilled in media law; engaging youth by fostering innovation outside the classroom; and, strengthening media institutions, networks, and associations by increasing media professionalism and standards of practice across Afghanistan.



Last updated: September 03, 2013

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